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A Guide To You Tube Video Optimization 2021 aka YouTube SEO

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A Guide To You Tube Video Optimization 2021 aka YouTube SEO

You want your YouTube videos to rank on the first position when people search for certain keywords ,lets face it most of you just could not figure out why the hell your Videos are ranking lower in the line of videos when people are searching for them. I get tons of questions on this topic only, over different forums and social media platforms.
Here in this article I will cover the reasons why your videos are not ranking properly in the YouTube video search results and what you can do to rank your videos on the respective keywords.

Lets cover the The “WHY” part first, here’s what you might be doing wrong : –

  • Not using video tags : Video tags plays a major role in telling YouTube what your subject matter is all about and based on it, YouTube categorizes the videos, so basically if you are not using them in your videos you are keeping them uncategorized.
  • Not using titles & video descriptions : Very few people actually make this mistake but those who do it should know that people first see the title of the video and then click on it, it’s actually a means of telling people what your video is all about.
  • Not using thumbnails : Thumbnails give a quick introduction to people of what kind of content your videos have inside it, even YouTube asks you to use them in your videos.
  • Valuable Content : YouTube likes it if your content creates some value for the user, videos that does not generate any value for the viewers are ranked lower in the video search results, sometimes its the viewers who report this kind of content or give negative video feedbacks.
  • Video Details : Most of the users ignore the part where they need to enter the location, select the language etc., but these serves as an important parameter for ranking your videos.
  • Not getting enough views & subscribers : If your videos are ranking lower than they should it means probably they are not getting the sort of views they should and this is one of the reasons why your videos are not ranking properly.

Now that we are done with the why part, lets move to the solution part, so here’s what you can do to ensure that your videos rank accordingly in the search results.

What you can do to ensure that your videos rank accordingly :-

  • Install chrome extensions : Download chrome extensions such as Tube buddy etc. to get the idea of how long your title or description should be and tons of other tips such as tags suggestions etc.
  • Use proper tags : Use only those tags that matches with your title and description of your videos & also with the video content itself, usage of irrelevant tags can bring adverse results.
  • Use Keywords : Use the keywords you want to rank for in your title and description, this will help your videos to rank easily and a lot more faster in some cases.
  • Create Playlists : Segregate the videos if you have different variety of contents in your channel.
  • Channel Category : Select appropriate channel category and try to stick to it, for example do not post fashion related content in a sports category channel.
  • Give all details : Give total details about your videos, the location, the language etc.
  • Content : Lastly content, create contents that is of some value for the users, if your video uses music or spoken words make sure they sound crisp clear, cause many people focus on the background when its actually the volume of their content they need to focus on.

These are couple of ways in which you can manage to rank your videos in video search results properly and expect good results but in this context note that changes wont be reflected overnight in your video rankings as this will depend on the choice of keywords and tags, the higher the traffic on a respective keyword the more difficult its going to be to rank higher on such keywords, make use you choose keywords with low competition and high traffic in it, and if you are not being able to do it yourself you can seek professional help from Professional SEO experts.

Article By – Kaustav Bhattacharya
Founder – Solutions Lane – Web Development & SEO Services In Kolkata

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  1. YouTube video optimization can take your entire SEO experience to the next level. Indeed, YouTube SEO is the future – it always has been!

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