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Best Five Free Reliable Hosting Solutions

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Best Five Free Reliable Hosting Solution

Best Free Hosting Solutions Are Difficult To Find, Mostly Because They Are Free & In This World It’s Difficult To Find Free Stuffs That Are Reliable But From The List Of All The Free Hosting Services Provider I Have Chosen Few Hosting Solutions Amongst Which 3 Are Freemiums Whereas The Rest Of The Two Are Totally Free. Some Of Them Offer WordPress Installation, Whereas Some Does not.

Thus Here Are The Five Free Hosting Solutions That You Can Rely On As These Hosting Solutions Have Been Personally Checked & Tested By Me.

NO 1 . Google Cloud Hosting : Google Cloud previously used to provide a free hosting trial for a year, but presently it provides a free trial hosting for only 90 days, its also well known as the GCP Free Tier it gives access to 20+ free products, including Compute Engine and Cloud Storage, and these products are free forever, and a 300 $ free credit to spend. Now lets have a look at some of the pros and cons with this hosting solution.


No 1 . WordPress Hosting – GCP Free Tier by far provides the best hassle-free WordPress hosting and the best uptime, also you can host your static websites here. so whether its your dynamic website or static website you can freely host it here for 90 days.

No 2. No Auto Charge After Trial Ends – After the GCP Free Tier Trial ends you don’t get charged, and its a massive advantage that GCP I think has to offer, cause you do not get charged suddenly for running instances and other services.

No 3. Free Products – it gives access to 20+ free products including Compute Engine and Cloud Storage.


No 1. 90 Days Of Free Trial Only. Well, its not a disadvantage but considering our discussion on free hosting it is at the moment.

No 2 . Its good for hosting static sites, you need to spend some extra money if you want to host your dynamic website.

NO 2 Amazon Web Services (aws) Free Tier : Like Google Cloud, Amazon Webservices offers a lot of features too, like 5 GB of free storage, 30 days of Guard duty for safety and security of your website after which pretty much you are on your own, and also you get 30 + of its products absolutely free forever, but I had faced some issues with its console and especially its web services in the free tier which was rather disappointing for me.

EC2 Free Tier Pros:

No 1. 12 Months of Free Trial : Amazon Web Services (aws) Free Tier offers 12 months of free trial to its users, after which its a “pay as you go service” model.

No 2. Charged Per hour basis : AWS charges users on a per hour basis, which according to me is a major advantage, as GCP charges on a per minute basis.

No 3. Not a newbie to cloud : AWS has been dominating the cloud for 11 years now, and it has more features to offer in free tier than GCP, thus you can expect better services from it, but not in a free tier with a dynamic website.

No 4. WordPress Installation : You can install your WordPress website here and run your blog, but wait, until we get to the disadvantages.

EC2 Free Tier Cons :

No 1. Hosting WordPress Websites/ dynamic websites : If you think that after getting your WordPress website online you can work on it, then think again, cause building a website or making changes to a dynamic website can prove to be very very cumbersome here, and this is where it annoyed me a lot.

No 2. Auto charge – You will be charged after your trial ends, if you leave your instances, key pairs or elastic IPS running you can get charged. thus make sure before the trial ends all of the things that were running has been deleted properly.

No 3. Difficult Installation – The Installation procedure is long in some cases it even takes up to half an hour.

No 3. Microsoft Azure Free Hosting : Microsoft Azure in its free tier provides free services for only 30 days, you will get to spend 13,300 rupees worth credits over 30 days, Microsoft Azure provides its services over various regions, you will get 25 + services absolutely free. Lets have a look at some of the advantages & disadvantages of Microsoft azure free account/free tier

Microsoft Azure Free Tier Pros :

No.1 With Microsoft Azure Free Tier you get to use its services for 12 months.

No.2 Microsoft Azure Free Tier performance wise is just great, and also a site recovery option is available.

No.3 Microsoft Azure Free Tier offers WordPress installation option, which means WordPress can be installed with ease in Azure.

Microsoft Azure Cons :

No.1 Microsoft Azure doesn’t offer a free trial of the services other than the services it has to offer for free tier users. .

No.2 Microsoft Azure like other free tiers is good for hosting your static sites, where you seldom need to make changes.

No.3 A good technical knowledge is required to use it, there are just too many services to choose from and it can be confusing at times.

No 4. GitHub : Github is a great place to host your static websites, all you would need to do is create a free account in GitHub, create a repository, upload your website, & set up your custom domain, I think there is no need for moving to the pros & cons cause its just meant for hosting your static web pages, nothing fancy here, overall you will get to host your website for a a life time as long as your domain does not expire. This option is not suitable for blogs / large websites / dynamic websites.

No 5. Google Drive : Just like GitHub you can host your static websites in Google drive too, for a lifetime and for free, here also the procedure is pretty much the same, all you need to do is sign in with your Gmail account, create a folder for uploading your webpages, connect your domain & you are good to go. Again since these platforms are truly meant for hosting, I am not covering the pros & cons with it.

The Final Verdict :

From all the five hosting options three are truly meant for hosting your websites, rest of the two namely Github & Google Drive are not meant for hosting, opt for these two only if you have a static website or if you do not have a credit/debit card. Rest of the three GCP Free tier, Aws EC2, & Microsoft Azure are cloud giants and are designed for hosting your sites & even more than that, but if you have a dynamic website or a WordPress website, wherein you will be making frequent changes and you are planning to host it here, you will need to have your content & everything ready beforehand, cause making changes to your website online is very, very slow in the free tier, you will need to pay extra for such facilities.

Disclaimer :

This is just what I have felt while using these services from a web developer standpoint GCP Free Tier, AWS Free Tier Or Microsoft Azure has more than just hosting to offer, all of these are Saas, Paas,Laas & Faas providers, thus hosting is just one of the solutions it has to offer, again this is what I have felt using these services, individual experiences may vary from me.

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