How Canva Emerged As One Of The Most Favorite Tool For Digital Marketers & Content Creators-Top Five Reasons(2022) - Solutions Lane

How Canva Emerged As One Of The Most Favorite Tool For Digital Marketers & Content Creators-Top Five Reasons(2022)

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Lets find out first what this piece of tool is all about, Canva is a website that provides users with an interactive interface to create designs which includes web banners, social media graphics, CV resume designers and tons of other stuffs, and users will have access to all of this from its free version only, the pro version of it obviously offers some very attractive designing features, and yes, Canva is a freemium, which means not all of its features are free but those you can get for free are more than enough to create very professional looking stuffs not to mention there are templates to help you out.

Canva emerged during the time when softwares like photoshop, illustrator, corel draw & other software were widely in use by digital marketers or content creators in some cases this particular segment of users had to hire professional designers to get the job done, Canva served as a problem solver for this particular segment of users, in this context I would also like to mention that Canva cannot be compared to legendary softwares like adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator, as these softwares offers features that are difficult to replicate in platforms like Canva.

Lets have a look as to why Canva is being preferred by digital marketers & content creators the most :-

  • No Skill Or Expertise Required – Users of Canva is not required to have any previous designing skills they do not have to spend a significant amount of time to understand the tools and its usage, it provides a simple drag & drop interface where the user can drag in elements on their designs and start working on it right away.
  • Hundreds Of Pre Designed Templates – Another reason why content creators prefer Canva is because of its decent collection of some pre designed templates, these templates are ready to use ones, where the users are just simply required to input their own content and a complete design ready in no time, you will get to see implementation of these templates in platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc.
  • Unique Tools – While the best tools in Canva are not for free but still its free tools are also pretty unique, tools like smartmockups, qrcode generator, auto enhance, shadows,emoji and tons of other tools are completely free for use, they contribute to creating very decent unique designs, to some these free tools may look like a feature but to those who are into web graphics designing knows very well, of how complicated it can be to achieve such effects in professional softwares.
  • System Friendly – Since most of the edits are done in their website, it does not consume a lot of system resources, it consumes only that much amount of system resources which only a browser consumes, its demands are very low, so you can expect creating your designs in PC’s with any system requirements. Canva is now available in app version as well, using which we can design our stuffs in smart phones or tabs as well.
  • Collaboration Feature – Canva allows more than one user to collaborate in creating your designs, this builds better team engagement thereby helping designers create designs that they want, adobe photoshop offers a collaboration feature as well but only one user gets to collaborate and the creator of the user have to online for the edits to take place by another collaborator.

Conclusion :-

Canva is a very simple platform for beginner designers & also for those who want some decent designs on the go, yes it has some limitations but considering the user segment of this platform, the features & tools it offers are simply amazing and is definitely worth investing your time upon.

I have been using Canva for more than 4 years at a stretch now, yes I do use professional softwares like adobe photoshop, illustrator, Lightroom, Corel draw etc., but I still opt for Canva a lot of times & that’s simply because some clients have very tight budget for running ads & when I get contacted by them for preparing creatives & running ads I have to keep their budget and my profit in mind, hiring a professional designer or spending hours designing it, seems to be a bad idea hence Canva becomes my choice in such situations and I am sure thats why most marketers & content also prefer it other than the reasons mentioned above.

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