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We Provide I.T  & Cyber Security Solutions related to your website or other software needs

SSL Installation

don't have a SSL in your website ? Contact us and we will do the installation and secure your website.

Website Audit

Already built a website but not sure about the drawbacks or flaws in your website, contact us for auditing.

Deleted File and Partition Recovery

Accidentally Deleted A File Or An Entire Partition ? Get In Touch With Us & We Can Help You With Your Problem

Password Cracking

Stuck In A Situation Where Your Own Files, Folders Or Applications Needs Password Authentication & You Dont Have Them? Get In Touch & We Can Help

Digital Evidence Extraction

Need Digital Evidence To Deal With Data Tamper or Loss Or Outsourcing Of Data, Get In Touch With Us

Web Attack Remedy

Sometimes Websites Tend To Have Some Hidden Vulnerabilities In Them, Some Are Left Carelessly While Some Are Left Intentionally, We Deal With All Sorts Of Situations.