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Should You Hire A Web Developer Or Build A Website With Website Builder

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In this era of interactive websites, where online website builders are providing users with an opportunity to build their own dream websites, is it at all necessary to hire a web developer to build your dream website ? We will be looking into this and understanding about it in details.

First of all lets have a look at what website builders are, website builders are interactive websites that provides users with a drag and drop interface whereby users using this interface could just drag & drop items in a blank html canvas required for constructing a website. Several online website builders are there offering this service one such example is, shopify etc.

Then there are CMS based platforms that you can make use of to build a website from the scratch these platforms includes includes website builder plugins in them which users can make use of to build a complete website. Example of these kind of platform includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop etc.

Now the question arises if you should hire a web developer for developing your website or not. Website builders are obviously there to help you out if you have no coding skills and yet you want a website, but there are certain things you must keep in mind before opting for it.

Here are a couple of points you must keep in mind before you consider using a website builder to build your website.

  • Its not free : – Most users opt for developing a website with website buiders thinking that it will be free, cause you will need to do all the work by yourself, but its not totally free you need to pay some amount for hosting your website or for using premium plugin features, shopify for example charges 29 $ per month for hosting & management of your content.
  • Basic understanding : – Users need to have some understanding of a website structure first in order arrange things in the right way. In case of using custom themes users need to have an idea of what goes where and how it can look even better hence the website starts to take the shape of a nightmare instead of a dream.
  • Technical Stuffs :- Users need to be aware of the technical stuffs such as page loading speed, site security, contact forms e.t.c, these things needs to be kept in check so that your website runs smoothly.
  • Time Consuming : – You need to allot a sufficient amount of time and hardwork to create your content, these includes your images, the textual content and the works, those 5 minutes website building video tutorials do not tell you about how difficult it is to make a logo, good graphics and not to mention the textual content that helps you get business.

Now lets have a look at why you could actually hire a web developer to get your job done.

  • Its not that expensive : Hiring a web developer is not always an expensive move, sometimes you can get a web developer at a cheaper price, there are various freelancing platforms you can opt for.
  • They do all the hard work : Hiring a web developer can help you save your valuable time which you can make use of in your productive endeavours. Some web developers even offer total solutions ranging from branding all the way upto making your website online.
  • Professional Work :- When you pay a web developer for designing your website you pay for expertise & experience, and that would totally reflect in your website after completion, even if you want your website be made with a website builder you can hire a developer for doing the same for getting better results.
  • Accountability & Support : Developers offers support and total accountability for the work they do, so with respect to technical difficulties you wont need to worry, your entire problem would be taken care of the developer.

Conclusion :-

Thus if you have considered allotting some time towards learning the basic stuffs related to website designing and willing to spend some time towards developing your website, you could consider using an online website builder platform for building your website.

Otherwise, it would be a good idea to hire a professional web developer for developing your website who would devote the entire time and energy all the way from developing your website to making it online.

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  1. Hiring a good web developer has become very easy with all the suggestions that you have provided to us in your article. A good developer can really have a positive impact on a website. thanks for sharing.

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