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Why WordPress Is The Best Platform For Learning Web Development

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The users of WordPress platform & also those who belong to the web development domain would agree that WordPress is the best CMS platform to work upon, whether you want a simple business website or an E commerce website WordPress can help you develop your dream website & get it up and running within minutes, & also its extremely budget friendly, there are a lot of free plugins that can be made use of to make a stunning website that performs like a beast.

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Apart from being the best CMS or content management system, WordPress is also the best platform for all those who wants to learn Web Development, now having said that I would also like to add that its always better to learn things from the basics and the same goes with web development, but what if you get access to something that offers you with a practical approach to learn the basic stuffs and the advanced stuffs as well, its fun when you can play & experiment with things a little bit, WordPress offers that exact opportunity & that’s how you end up learning a lot of stuffs about web development in the end.

Now lets have an understanding as to how WordPress actually contributes in helping anyone learn about web development from the scratch. Here are some of the reasons : –

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No 1 – Its Community : WordPress belongs to a huge community, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube to help you kick start your first website, there are other social platforms & blogs as well that are there to teach you how you can get started with it, also you will find exceptional tutorials to guide you through in case you face any kind of problem while using it, you will never feel like being left out at all. I remember how I was being able to solve an issue with one of the themes I installed, I watched the tutorial and within minutes the solution was there in my hands, and yes, you have these videos available in different languages as well.

No 2 – Website Structure : WordPress loads with its default blog theme when its installed for the first time, you will need to install a theme of your own choice after this, now you can install a premium theme or a free theme, there are a lot of good free themes out there like Astra, Ocean WP etc., and some of these free themes will be having pre built website templates, Astra is one of the many themes that offers this particular feature, once you have installed this theme along with its pre built starter website templates, you will end up with a stunning website live in your domain, from this newly installed template you will get an in depth idea about website structure, you will have an understanding about things like: –
a. The number of pages different types of website are supposed to have, example : E Commerce websites tend to have additional pages like the Cart page & Account page other than the Home, About, Services & Contact page.
b. The sections a particular page is supposed to have, example : the slider section, the about us section, the portfolio section, etc.
c. Developing an idea about the CTA / Buttons in different places a website is required to have.
d. Developing an idea about navbars, the different types of navbars and their arrangement.
Learning these things help a lot in developing ideas about web development, cause after this you will know, what to place and where.

No 3 – Concept Of Columns : This is one particular concept that comes in use for web designing & development, you need to understand how many columns your website is supposed to have even before starting to design your website, In WordPress when you start with a website builder like Elementor you will get to see your content belonging to certain boxes, these are columns on which your website is built and you can access these columns from the left hand side of your website builder, based on your requirements your website can be of 2 columns, 3 columns or 4 columns, these concepts become more clearer to you once you start building your website with WordPress.

No 4 – Concept Of Padding & Margins : Padding & Margins are basically concepts that belong to CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, but with the help of WordPress you get to learn a little bit about some of it, padding and margins are the two things you will have to mostly implement while developing your website, and while implementing you will learn about how and where they are being used & how it ultimately impacts the design of your website, the concept of padding & margins take time to understand which you can grasp easily with the use of WordPress on the go.

No 5 – Concept Of Functionalities : There are certain things that make a website functional some of these include animations, forms, payment gateways etc., implementing these functional stuffs in your website requires mastery of Javascript, CSS, PHP etc, but thanks to WordPress you can use and implement these functional elements within your website and understand its usage in your sliders, contact forms, lead forms etc.

No 6 – Concept Of SEO : There are plugins in WordPress that can tell you whether your website is SEO friendly or not, it helps you with creating sitemaps, robot txt file, snippets etc., one such plugin is the Yoast SEO plugin that is their to guide you through your SEO journey, it completes all the necessary SEO set up for your website upon a fresh installation, and also helps with your meta tags as well, you develop a rich understanding about SEO while using this plugin, you start to understand about things like how much title or description is too much title or description etc.

No 7 – Restarting Work : When we start learning we tend to make mistakes, and when we make mistakes we omit them to get a fresh start, you can do the same with WordPress, if you encounter too many mistakes with your website, you can just uninstall your WordPress and reinstall it on your domain and start afresh.

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Conclusion : WordPress is by far the first choice for web developers, when it comes to developing a dynamic website on a tight budget, but at the same time it can be a great choice for those who want to learn web development on the go.

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