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Will Web Development Be Replaced By AI : Expectation Vs Reality

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At present the newest trend is with usage of AI in all sorts of ways, while some are using it for experimental purposes, some are using it to generate content such as articles. Images and then there are some who are using it in developing tech based projects, but with so much increase in its usage and consumption over a year or so and with so many websites offering AI related services for free to its users, the question arises as to whether Artificial Intelligence would be able to replace Human Intelligence, and since I have been in the business of web development and web applications development for more than 8 years now, questions like “Will AI Be Replacing Web Development ?” and “Is Web Development Dead In 2023 ?” really grabbed my attention, hence I thought about giving it a try to understand whether this could be a reality or not and here is what I found out.

Repetition :

I used chat GPT to generate two kind of websites for me, simple one page website and another a attorney website with features such as appointment scheduling etc, I used a prompt to give it instructions in doing the same, it generated a nice one page website for me fully responsive and it generated codes for the attorney one as well with both pretty much looking the same.

I tried it a couple of times as well but each time it came up with very similar looking stuffs with very small changes, thus it’s fair to assume

that if you are someone who after watching a couple of videos also thought that you could generate a full fledged, professional and fully functional website on the go then think again,

you would need to think like a web developer first which would require some sort of web development knowledge and then only you would be able to provide the right prompts and even then you would have to struggle.

Basic Stuffs :

It will only be able to generate a basic website for you, if you are not a web developer then it would feel like being stranded on a desert with no clue on how to return home, the templates generated by Chat GPT are not complete you will need to work upon it, it would just provide you with a basic structure to start your work.

It Cannot Provide Updated Results :

All the codes and content generated through Chat GPT are there as per the 2021 standards only, so if you are someone who is looking for some updated stuffs then sorry you wont get it cause it’s intelligence is limited to 2021 back when it was updated.

Complexity Of Prompts:

Feeding prompts to chat GPT is not easy at all, you must master the art of prompt writing otherwise you are going to get semi cooked or uncooked stuffs as a result, and prompt writing isnt easy at all you will have to go into the intricate details of stuffs and that would be only possible if you are an experienced web developer yourself, and this goes for generating all sorts of content not only on Chat GPT but also on popular AI platforms like midjourney, bluewillow or Leonardo AI.

Conclusion :

Having put forth all these points, I would also like to add that AI platforms would contribute to enhancing the work of a web developer and also save time for a web developer, it will not replace web developers but rather these platforms were built to help web developers, designers and content writers in their work, rather work as a helping hand in their projects, cause the real clients will always be willing to pay for hard work and skills and not for some AI generated content from the beginning to the end. Hence according to me AI will not replace web development instead those web developers who would be using them would get an upper hand over those not using them.

If you are interested in knowing how to generate beautiful images like these using AI platform you can watch my video tutorial below.

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